Piping Stress Analysis & CAESAR II (ASME B31.3)

This course is aimed at exposing the participants to the calculations that address the stresses that piping systems are subjected to. It covers the types of loads on the systems and stresses caused by the loads, methods of resolving these stresses, layout solutions, flexibility analysis, support span calculations and the use of industry standard software for piping stress analysis.



  •  Objectives & Definition of Stress Analysis
  • Critical Line List
  • Information Required for Stress Analysis
  •  Piping Loads – Static & Dynamic
  • Static & Dynamic Analysis
  • Forces, Moment & Stress Calculations.
  • Requirements of ASME B 31.3 Code – Sustained Loads, Thermal Expansion & Occasional Loads.
  • Classification of Loads
  • Solutions for Piping Loads.
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